December Photo Box

Psychologist Robert Sardello in his book Facing the World with Soul: A reimagination of modern life, writes that the act of gift-giving is oriented toward an unknown future: no outcome is anticipated, no return expected. A gift is given freely. Unbound.

Traditional societies used gift-giving as a means of sustaining relationships among each other, much like we use diplomacy. Unlike diplomacy which relies on legislated agreement that is a power-wielding negotiation, treaty-bound, interest-serving, in contrast, the impetus of gift-giving is to the unfettered generosity of kindness.

And what of receiving a gift so given? It could change our lives. The generosity of Kindness, either freely given or unexpectedly received, can be life-transforming.

We might begin each day that way.

Instead of managing our day – demanding it cater to our desires and our goals; instead of seeing others for what they will do for us; instead of living on our smart device constantly – all about me, what can I get from it all for me, do they like me?…instead, instead, to breathe out, to let the day be the day, be the gift it is. 

Maybe it’s not all about me, me in control, all what I want for myself today. Rather, the day could be a gift; oriented to the unknown; open to whatever the world wishes to give us today, give us from its deep wisdom; what surprise, what unanticipated gift life might have for us today.