The Monthly Photo Box

Much like a library exchange box, I have installed at the curb in front of the house, a photo box.

Passersby see an image and are invited, should they like the photo, to take a copy. Copies are inside the box. Each month there is a new photo.

The photo is meant as a gift. A gift, not marketing. As the library boxes, the intent is to build community. The box engages people walking through the neighbourhood. Many neighbours regularly walk by the house.

My hope is the print is seen as something other than all the digital images people consume on their devices. The photo is framed in a mat which can be stood up on a desk or table for viewing. The experience of the photo is as a physical object, that is held and touched and so felt. I hope people will find that in its viewing over time, it might grow on them, become a means to some manner of contemplation and reflection. Or that they just like to have it around!